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The Shapes & Tolerances

The cross-section of the belt without pull-absorbing reinforcement can be varied by grinding and cutting, thereby adapting it to specific permissible axle loads.

The advantage over rigid elements is the greater tolerances regarding axle spacing and axle parallelity. Moreover, appropriate pulley shapes ensure that driving belts without reinforcements can be guided with great accuracy.
Important in this context is the maintenance of the correct ratio between belt thickness and pulley diameter (1:10).

Tolerances as close as +/- 0,02 mm for wall thickness and +/- 0,05 mm for width can be maintained if this is required. The individual capabilities associated with these driving elements are extremely diverse.











The most frequently required cross-section shapes are flat and square belts, and ribbed belts can also be supplied for specific applications. Endless belts as a special variant of the flat belt can also be produced.

With the exception of square belts, all other belt profiles from mt-precitec can be supplied with tensile strength reinforcements.


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