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Path and bed edgings made from aluminium have been tried and tested for decades. They are an excellent alternative to less durable wood edging or edging stones, which are difficult to work with.


Called metal edging or garden border, it is traditionally used where a clean and equally discreet edging of paths, beds and lawns is required, while allowing the highest flexibility in design.


Aluminium has outstanding properties. It does not rust, it is significantly lighter than stone and steel, and it can be used to create innovative shapes and sizes.

Since the late 1990s we have been producing and distributing across Europe various aluminium profile systems specifically developed for path construction, horticulture and landscaping.


As a result of the increase in roof greening and greater use in nurseries and schools, we now focus on safety and easy installation.


Initially based in Saxony, we are now located in Heist, in the western outskirts of Hamburg, providing advice, services and friendly assistance.


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