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The Specifications

Driving belts with or without tensile strength reinforcement
Driving belts without pull-absorbing reinforcement - merely a "rubber belt"?
This kind of thought easily comes to mind for the "layman" when such an item is considered.

However, such a driving element without pull absorbing reinforcements is backed by a great deal of the most modern "rubber technology" adapted to special applications. 







Relaxation measuring assembly


The following demands have to be fulfilled:

- The ability to withstand extreme flexure and temperature changes,
- Electrical conductivity,
- Constant speed,
- Effective power transmission,
- Behaviour in the event of blockages,
- Extreme damping and elasticity,
- Minimal loss of tensile strength with dynamic loads,
- High ageing and ozone resistance,
- No extrusion of plasticizers,
- No free sulphur (contact oxydation).

All these requirements place high demands on both chemistry and production techniques when selecting appropriate blends and production processes.


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