An age-persistent pursuit of vitality, hapiness and harmony is naturally rooted in us. 

A “deficit” develops when the balance of our existence is disturbed, irrespective of the dimensions concerned – these may be physical, mental, social or spiritual (World Health Organization).

Unredeemed and unsolved issues generate enormous amounts of internal energy and come to light in various ways. The reactions leading people to divert from their equilibrium are distinctive for every individual. This can occur at a very early stage in life, leading the entire organism to settle at an unhealthy balance.

What are possible symptomatic reactions to stress? One person might develop a headache, another could struggle with anxiety, whilst a third person could act short-tempered.

The desire for solutions and simplicity in life might be greater than ever before but attaining these could be even more difficult – leading to an overwhelming feeling!

This phenomenon will be deeply written into our bodies and subconscious, making us ill, if we fail to actively unfold it (which barely happens). 

Neurosciences show that genes are units which communicate and cooperate in diverse ways and adapt their way of functioning depending on environmental factors such as diet and the quality of social connections. Our health and well-being, which are controlled by genetics, are thus directly dependent on our lifestyles – the way we lead our lives influences the functionality of our genes. 

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to a healthy homeostasis.