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Rustiana Nolte comes from a Chinese family. Her grandparents and mother are from Shandong, a province by the China East Sea.

Because of political unrest, her family emigrated to Indonesia later on. She was born and spent her childhood there.

The two cultures deeply shaped her understanding of ‘nurturing life’ and sustainability.
The understandings of how the varying microcosms and macrocosms of life interact are included both in traditional Chinese medicine, which has been around for centuries, as well as the Javanese-Indonesian philosophy of life.

Rustiana has lived in Hamburg for over 30 years. After studying Systematic Musicology, she expanded her expertise and experience in medical wellness.

Through close collaboration with physicians, she gained an understanding of the importance for every person to take control of their own health and to contribute to it responsibly using preventative measure of protection and care.

Her love for Chinese medicine lead her to focus on overall health, and she thus completed her training as a natural health practitioner and TCM coach.

At her practice by Rödingsmarkt, she collaborates with her husband Marc Nolte, who is in charge of client-centered Gestalt Therapy and coaching . Her clients range from healthy people to persons with special needs. 


Societa Medicinae Sinensis

Der Verband für Unabhängige Gesundheitsberatung