Client-centered therapy



Individual therapy, 60 min. 65.00 €

Couples therapy, 90 min. 95.00 €

If you opt for 10 appointments, you will be charged with 60.00 € per hour for an individual therapy and with 90€ per 90 min. for couples therapy.



60 min. 69.00 € - First anamnesis + first treatment

20 min. 22.00 € - Follow-up appointments, 20 min. units each

Where applicable, please bring along your medical diagnosis (ECG, x-ray, etc.) to your first treatment.


Dietetics/Nutrition counseling 

There are four different options for counseling:

45 min. 90.00 € - First anamnesis without nutrition counseling

60 min. 125.00 € - Nutrition counseling incl. anamnesis and written documentation

60 min. 65.00 € - Nutrition counseling without anamnesis

60 min. 50.00 € - Follow-up appointments in 1 – 2-month intervals

We offer individual counselling, seminars and workshops with didactic kitchen. The number of participants is limited to 4 people. Location and time will be arranged as requested.



Thursdays 5.30 pm till about 6.30 pm for adults and people with jobs. We will start with a small introduction.

Registration by M: 0151 6160 6162


The fee for the service is to be paid in cash after each treatment. Payment is not dependent on a successful cure. 
Nonetheless, we are obliged to conscientious treatment, adhering to our legal duty to disclose information and duty of care.