Nutrition according to the 5 Elements

Your healthy diet is as distinctive as your personality. Your emotional state, constitution, the bodily demands and your age play a big role for you to realize your self-determined goal.

The complementary functional approach of Chinese dietetics is fundamentally linked to the energetic notion of ‘life force Qi’.

The tension field of energetic influences, to which every person is exposed to externally, and the energetic potential which is provided internally through the so-called 5 elements generating cycle, and distributed through the body via meridians, is called Qi. It is invisible, but disturbances are palpable.

Health is a flowing equilibrium, requiring humans to adjust to constantly changing influences and natural rhythms. We refer to a weakness, malfunction, pain or illness, when the balanced distribution of the Qi in human organisms is disturbed.  

People use the power of the Qi for nourishment to take corrective measures for the Qi in human organisms. Therefore, nourishment also functions as a mild therapeutic agent.

We use extensive questioning and diagnosis of the pulse and the tongue to help you find the correct foods and recipes for your needs. As a first step, we observe the regulatory and functional aspects of specific foods and their impact on your body.

As a second step, we will consider the included nutrients in a quantitative relation to your food intake (modern food sciences).

This will enable you to influence your well-being independently. You will be able to support your vitality, health and quality of life through consistent application. 

Counseling is separated into four sessions:

  • The first anamnesis
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Follow up sessions in one to two-month intervals