Client-centered Gestalt Therapy

All real life is meeting.

Martin Buber

Our practice provides an environment of security and peace; especially through the way we live therapeutic relationships. The relationship may grow in an atmosphere where you can trust us and be authentic – a place where you will be appreciated.

We offer a secure meeting place!

It is formed through humanistic psychotherapy, with a focus on Client-Centered Gestalt Therapy:

Our aim is not to quickly remove superficial symptoms, but to encourage emotional and social development and growth processes concerning self-image and relationship patterns. Thus, the basis is formed to reduce and overcome these symptoms currently bothering you in the long-run.

The origin for all visibly distressing symptoms lies in a flawed ability to meet!

We understand psychotherapy more as a collegial collaboration. We trust that within yourself, you already carry an understanding about the kind of potential that needs unfolding. And we see you in your entirety, with all of your thoughts, feelings, relationship webs and embodied life story. We offer experience-oriented moments of excitement, creativity, fun and explosiveness through Gestalt Therapy. These experiences on a level of inner perception, relationship patterns and bodily energy are regularly far more important in the long-run, and have a stronger impact, than what the mind could possibly grab.

What is most beautiful to us, is to see your relationship to yourself positively change through self-empathy (inner-zone). Through this change, your quality of relationships with other people (outer-zone) is influenced as you can be more empathetic towards them and simultaneously better disassociate yourself from exceeding demands and expectations (middle-zone), which might seem contradictory at first. But you will gain greater autonomy, internal freedom in self-regulation and experience greater inner connection to your environment.

Good therapy is the restoration of successful points of encounter on all levels of BEING!

Inwards – to oneself!

All around – to fellow humans!

Upwards – to transcendence, to God!